Interior designer Nina Bergsten has choosen Aplomb for her beautiful apartment. It is located in Malmö, Sweden and features a Nordic interior design with very beautiful and unique details. Its owner is very passionate about interior designs and takes everything very seriously. She would do almost anything to get the décor that she wants. In fact, she did make some unusual gestures when decorating this apartment.

For example, Nina hired a crane and took out a window in order to get inside a marble table top. She really wanted that table top and nothing stopped her from getting it inside, not even its weight or the small doors. She also bought a beautiful mirror in Paris. It has exquisite details and an overall stylish appearance. However, there was one problem. The mirror weighted 60 kg and getting to Sweden intact was a challenge. However, Nina managed to solve that problem as well.

The attention to details inside this apartment is amazing. Everything has its place and seems to belong there. The décor is very bright and the atmosphere is airy and casual. As for the style, it’s an eclectic creation that combines the functionality of modern items with the beauty of classics, the elegance of antiques and the warmth of vintage details. The result is a very personalized style and a very chic interior décor.


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