Davis Furniture, 2024

Arcular is more than a single sofa. Rather it is a soft seating system composed of seven elements which can be running or stand alone: two- and three-seater freestanding and modular units like Left and right-end units, straight connector unit, and 45-degree and 90-degree corner units. Moreover we designed a single-seat lounge chair which completes the collection. The idea behind Arcular is the possibility to combine all of them in countless ways creating a very flexible and extremely versatile family of soft seating configurations to serve many situations like waiting rooms, meeting spaces corporate and institutional interiors as an instance.

The general shape harmoniously blending rounded edges and generous sits: the seat cushions are visually and physically very comfortable as well as the armrest which is the most recognizable part of the product. From a top view the semicircular form makes the general impact gentle and friendly and the armchair very cute, rounded and compact.

The soft elements which are available in a wide range of fabrics, leathers and coated fabrics rest on a sculptural cast aluminum base with a choice of polished aluminum or over 35 standardized Davis powder coat colors, ensuring seamless integration into any design scheme.

Power options can also be specified underneath the units’ upholstered frame for increased functionality and user-support.