Emu, 2023

Cabla was created from the successful meeting of two worlds in which functionality and aesthetic appeal are on an even par. On one hand, the simple, timeless design of the stainless steel structure’s metal core, a product of Emu’s historical expertise. On the other, the comfort and rich colours of the fabrics and cushioning designed specifically for the collection and dedicated to the outdoor world.

Cabla is a modular upholstered seating system designed to allow countless configurations using just 3 modules: a single linear seat, chaise longue and armrest. Thanks to a highly intuitive connecting system, armchairs and sofas can be composed in all different shapes and sizes, which by adding the chaise longue, ensure a totally relaxing experience.

The inspiration for the name Cabla is taken from its highly versatile layout potential and its ability to adapt to a wide variety of uses, particularly environments near the sea thanks to the use of stainless steel in the structure. The collection also includes a matching metal mesh coffee table.