La Cividina, 2020

Couchette is the new upholstery modular system designed for La Cividina. Inspired by the homonyms train berths, it summarizes the idea of a chain of environments united and isolated to each other, to meet the new security, privacy and composability needs of the contract industry.  The 38 elements of the collection allow great expressiveness and compositional freedom: linear, curved and island configurations – single or bilateral – come to life from the free combination of modules, adapting to the environment, to reach considerable dimensions.

Featuring a minimal and clean design, Couchette simplifies the seat lines to better express its modular capabilities and enhances the quality of the company’s craftsmanship. The distinctive element of the system is the terminal armrest, soft and abundant like the back, which in addition to representing a valid support surface for work, also gives a home allure to the simplest configurations, also ideal in residential areas.  The demand for more and more privacy, coupled with the recent needs for security and interpersonal space in the collective spaces, has inspired a further evolution of the project, which provides the possibility of creating authentic protected room space.

Padded panels, easily installable and removable, can be placed anywhere in the composition, sequentially and without loss of space. The addition of accessories such as coffee tables, USB-electric connections and coat hangers also allow to have these settings as temporary offices or small relaxation areas, which you can enjoy alone or shared.  Couchette is made from sustainable raw materials, one hundred percent recyclable and manually separated until the product is disposed of.

The wooden structure, expanded at different dimensions and polyester fiber, provides excellent sound-absorbing performance, amplified by the elegant removable walls.