Danao Living, 2020

It is a wide collection that includes chair, armchair, lounge, ottoman and stool. All the pieces are made by aluminium and this is very important because the idea behind this project was to create a product really strong, solid, resistant in other words contract market-proof. So we designed it with the goal in our mind to make this feature, this concept real. But not only real, visible as well. So we designed it using a big pipe, bigger than usual. This was possible only if we had used aluminium, strong but very light. Now the effect is deceptive because when you look at it seems very heavy but when you stack them or just move or lift them you can feel its own incredible lightness. This creates immediately surprise.

Why we call it Hooper? The grasshopper is a funny insect very popular in our gardens with two big rear legs which makes them very recognizable. When we reach the end of the project we look at the shape and we asked ourself: what does it seems? What reference could express the lightness concept? Those two rear legs free from pins, crossbars and a bit prominent in all the pieces reminded us the Hooper. Perfect for a outdoor collection.

Both collections are designed to be used in bars, restaurants, mainly for outdoor but, why not, also indoor like publics spaces (airports, hotels, etc) and even for the residential market.