Fiam Italia, 2012

A collection of tables with a thread of hot glass, continuously and repeatedly knotted as in the ancient art of macrame. In this way we wanted to highlight the extraordinary nature of this flexible material; evoke the history and determine the gesture of the craftsman.  The aim of the project was to innovate within the world of glass applied to furniture. We wanted to make a mark very personal use of this material as others before us have done: Ron Arad with molten glass, Danny Lane with hand-carved glass, Cini Boeri and Vittorio Livi with curved glass.

Together with Daniel and Vittorio Livi and skilled glassmakers have developed a technique that allowed us to fuse the glass so that you could derive a continuous glow wire, thin and workable.  The result is a collection of three tables characterized by a central base which, as in macramé – ancient art of lace-nodes has an effect of continuous thread and knotted. The entire process through a semi-craft: a group of artisans weave and shape the wire hot glass around a predefined shape. Almost a kind of ancient dance with 8 glassmakers who quickly and with absolute synchronicity prepare a contemporary object with a technique passed down for many decades.