Arrmet, 2019

Ā«Tables are usually designed following a construction logic that involves using different materials for the top and the structure, especially in the case of valuable raw materials such as marble and granite. If we think of a classic table with Carrara marble top, we note that almost always the legs or the support are made of wood or metal. So we thought: why not use the same material for all the components, from horizontal to vertical? This is how Piana was conceived, a programme of tables that explores the theme of materiality by bringing the same finish used on the top to the support or – in larger versions – to the trestles. The result is a collection with an almost totally mono-material look, far removed from the classic top-support combination. As far as design goes, it is simple – a metal frame to be covered as desired. However, every material requires its own special treatment, which depends on factors such as weight and possible work-processesĀ».