Danao Living, 2020

Rami is an outdoor collection inspired by 1950’s furnitures which includes armchair, stool, lounge and 2-seat sofa. We started from the idea of visual lightness which can be seen as guiding pinciple for all the collection and which also defines its name – Rami – which means “ branches” in italian.

When we designed the armchair, our biggest challenge was to design a solid product able to create a strong dialogue with the environment around it, a metal structure which could somehow merge with nature, which could be in a certain way invisible.  So we tryied to reduce material as much as possible, weaving a minimal frame made of bent iron rods joined together by metal clips  where they cross. All these clips and knots give strenght to the chair itself, so it finally appears light but resistant too and creates a metal cocoon inspired by traditional wicker chairs.

All the component of the collection can have the simple “naked” structure or they can be covered by upholstered cushions for seating and backrest, which offer the maximum comfort to user and create an interesting contrast with the metal frame.

Rami collection is particularly suited for outdoor cafés, restaurants, gardens, terraces, balconies and for the residential market in general.