Agape, 2023

Ventiquaranta distills functions, compacts volumes, and brings design culture into even the smallest and most complex spaces. It transcends the concept of a minimal washbasin and becomes a micro-system in its own right, integrated with storage, mirror and accessories. Its essential and discreet character is already declared in its name.
We have designed two variations of the piece, both playing on the same dimensions, 20 x 40cm.
In the perpendicular version, fixed to the wall along the shorter side, the washbasin includes a container with drawer and two shelves. The parallel-to-the-wall version, fixed to the longer side, is complemented with a cabinet with a door and two shelves or a towel basket. The faucet can be wall-mounted or placed on the sink itself.

We liked the idea of defining a small but well-configured space. We worked around the two dimensions of the washbasin by complementing them with various accessories, adopting a design approach closer to that of the graphic designer than that of the industrial designer. Each dimension corresponds to a completely dedicated container, mirror and accessories. The end result is two complete micro-environments twenty or forty centimeters wide.
The result is both timeless and iconic. An object carefully calibrated in its proportions to offer maximum flexibility to the designer and the end user. Balance and compactness of form also emerge from details such as the raised profiles on either side of the washbasin that continue along the container.

Ventiquaranta is also suitable for dual indoor and outdoor use. Among today’s trends is the desire to bring elegance and quality even to secondary or previously more neglected environments, and Ventiquaranta was born with this in mind.