The highest mountain railway station in Europe with the newly designed restaurant in the Minergie-P standard sets standards for sustainability. The breathtaking mountain range of Italian, French and Swiss Alps seem close at 3,883 masl for gripping. The restaurant is part of the “peak experience” and what is perhaps the visit to the Klein Matterhorn.

Entrance with Shop – The access area to the restaurant was redesigned and adjusted. The guest is when entering the restaurants directly in the shop. In absolute prime location here, the goods are brought into focus and obtains exhibition character. The range includes both top sellers from Zermatt, equipment and products, which were developed specifically for the brand “Matterhorn Glacier Paradise”. This particular product line can be purchased only on the Klein Matterhorn. The goods will be in custom-designed furniture, which emphasize their exclusivity, presented. With blue mountaineering ropes, which are clamped wild between floor and ceiling, the store is optically isolated from the restaurant area. Through the playful use of the distribution of the ropes, spiraling into a cycle of review and separation. The voltage generated and defined passages lead guests through the shop in the restaurant.

Restaurant – At the heart of the restaurant makes the compact and yet spacious self-service area, which is closed to the building back out of the kitchen. The natural stone enclosure fits perfectly into the color scheme of the restaurant and makes for a pleasant chiaroscuro contrast to the carpet and the furniture.Various high tables surround the self-service zone, so guests are given the opportunity also to dine at high tables. The rope-topic will be resumed with the seating. Along the windows, there is the lounge area with a direct view of the Alpine panorama. The existing parapet has been reduced to a minimum over the entire length and forms a narrow support surface. The chairs are upholstered and feature and a backrest.The wall surfaces lying on rocks have been covered with gray-green natural stone from the region and form the back of the building. The use of natural stone creates an intense connection to the mountain. The gray Embracing windows can affect the area quiet. Lines of LED light strips on the ceiling and stainless steel inserts on the ground and in the tables running across the entire space and orient the visitors about its location. The lines indicate important mountaintop or cities around the world. They are all numbered and labeled. After a construction period of 2 months, the restaurant opened in December-2013. The company Arch Design GmbH was responsible for the creative direction and has implemented the conversion together with the company Loase from Zermatt (from Bogen design innenarchitektur).


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