Agape, 2015

Canal Grande is a project created by using a contemporary material – Cristalplant – reinterpreting an object of the past, settled in the memory: the washhouse. It was a place where women were used to wash their clothes near a river. Usually made of stone or concrete, it was also often used with a wooden tablet.  This handed down memory made of old stories, scents and shapes have been the real inspiration for Canal Grande, a washtub which summarizes all these signs of time.  The distinctive feature is the large surface that develops along the longer side, slightly sloping to allow water drainage. A formal reference which now serves as a comfortable and deep shelf to support the large number of objects for the personal wellness.  Cristalplant plays a decisive role in this project because it allowed us to easily integrate the body of the washtub with the table top. The typical whiteness of this material goes well with the idea of cleaning.  As further reference, there is a natural wood tablet, particularly designed for soap and sponge or other bath products.