Lema, 2015

Working on a multi-functional object, we conceived the design of Note table, essential architecture of rationalist style that chooses the elegant combination between the metal in bronze finish and leather in Whisky color.  Aesthetics and functionality meet and complete each other in this proposal, formally consisting of an ideal combination of three simple surfaces, each of which featuring a specific function. One of these surfaces, the central one, is entirely stitched in leather, featuring spacious accessory pockets. A larger pocket for pens, exercise books, magazines or books; a smaller pocket able to store for example, various remote controls and electronic devices.The design idea is based on a formal and functional contamination obtained from the series of objects located around the desk, such as the desk sets in leather. The sizes are extremely reduced, exalting the matters and finish. Note is in fact a small multi-purpose, light object, easy to move. The finishes are bronze / brown leather.