Porro, 2015

To celebrate its birthday, starting from the ideal of a “closet”, typical of its activity and stressing once more the company search for new materials, Porro presented the installation  “Cabinet of Curiosities” and involved all the designers who in time designed the company collections and some other special names to design a wood box collection, mixing at ease the company 16 woods, different in function and opening as well.

The focus of our box project was giving the idea of an object made in tissue paper: light, frail, only made in veneer.  It should have a lid so thin – like paper precisely – the ends and a cylindrical body slightly bend to the hand grip.  The metal part is a little more than a wire. The hinge is small and precise enough, like those of glasses, to lift a light sheet of wood.

An ephemeral object. For once not functional but emotional.