De Padova, 2015

Yak is a collection of sofas mostly for the residential sector, created with the aim of providing an “extreme” product that is also well balanced, avoiding the reassuring minimal lines of contemporary divans.  “On the one hand, we looked for a balance of materials, all intentionally natural, to consolidate the Nordic tradition that has always been a part of De Padova; on the other, we worked on the contrast between the features of the sofa, where the angled wooden legs balance out the abundance of the cowhide; or the contrast between the imposing solidity of the natural ash structure—hence the name of the project – and the lightness of the goosedown cushions,” LucidiPevere explain.  Apart from these factors, the character and identity of the collection come from its interlocking architecture and interpenetration of materials; four openings along much of the length of the legs grasp the thick cowhide that forms the entire perimeter of the sofa, while creating a strong, abundant housing for the cushions. Everything is fastened by a wooden peg that blocks the cowhide and adds an important detail to the design.  With its accent on craftsmanship, the Yak is a reminder of faraway lands, but also of the traditional manual techniques that have made Italian furnishings famous all over the world. Yak is enhanced by the choice of fabrics with vivid textures like wools, linens and cottons, as well as the Mongolia fur whose small accents bring out the “primitive” character of the sofa.